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"Southbound Train"
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"The Hourglass"
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"Sing the Blues"
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"Rock -n- Roll"
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A-Side Records
Robb Taylor

     Robb Taylor has been on the stage with the likes of Roberta Flack, Chubby Checker, Artemis Pyle, Taylor Hicks, and Charlie Daniels,  to name just a few. No longer just an opening act, there are major acts like the legendary Jerry Lee Lewis that have opened for him as he captivates audiences with his band. No matter what your background, whether you’re seven or seventy, his material is great listening music that you can’t help wanting to dance and sing along to. Robb has finished The Hourglass and is currently in the studio recording his next CD entitled Dreamcatcher . All of the members of the band have the educational background, experience, and proven abilities necessary for the survival of any group in the concert and recording industries. And it’s so obvious that they love what they do.

   ROBB TAYLOR captivates audiences as a solo act or as a band.  Whether you like Rock, Pop, Country or Blues, his material is great listening music that you can't help wanting to dance to! 

  Robb Taylor is the band's frontman, keyboardist, rhythm guitarist and songwriter.  He has a full grasp of both the lyric hook and the commercial melodies necessary to create hit songs.  Robb has written over one hundred songs and continues to create more!!  His degree in Theater from West Chester University is evident in his showmanship while onstage!!


The Bassist for the band is Tom Spencer.  With his many years of experience in all styles of music ranging from Rock, Southern Rock, and Classica Rock, Tom is a wonderful addition to the Rocketeers.
The beat of the band comes from Dave Thomas...with his own unique style and experience, Dave brings to the band years of club experience and talent.  With his quiet tone and incredible professionalism, Dave is a great addition to the Robb Taylor Band!
Percussionist Ken Meyer brings an eclectic sound to the band through the use of many different types of perscussion instruments.  Ken is a great addition to the band not only through the use of his many talents which also include drums, but with his warm personality as well.  With his wonderful sense of humor, Ken always gets the audience going when he brings out his famous "More Cow Bell" and "MOOOO" signs.
Lead Rhythm Guitar for the band is Bobby Ried.  Bobby has years of performance experience  with various rock bands .  Bobby brings to the band outstanding talent and experience, along with a warm, outgoing personality.

A great addition to the band is Keyboardist Joey Silva. With his own unique style and extensive musical background, Joey brings an eclectic sound and great energy to the band! 

Newest additions to The Robb Taylor Band are Background Performers Christie, Dave and Angel.  All three are Theater Majors at Stroudsburg University and bring to the band their knowledge and experience in Theatrical performance while on stage, along with warm, outgoing personalities!  Their clear voices and dance styles bring great energy to any performance.

News Releases:

Star Ledger, Augusta NJ - September 2006

   At the New Jersey State Fair Grounds in Augusta, NJ...The Charlie Daniel's Band were joined by other equally talented musical acts such as The Robb Taylor Band, Lisa Coppola, Exit 105 and many others, performing live at an outdoor benefit concert hosted by Global Reach International, a non-profit organization that provides much needed medical supplies, facilities and orphanges to various locations around the world.  This benefit, called "Southern Rock Aid Concert" will benefit an orphanage in Napal, India.  All musical artists performed at this benefit before 4000 people. 

Pocono May 2006

   Film and television personality Robb Taylor has made his move to The Poconos and will appear in concert at the Shawnee Inn & Gulf Resort on May 10th.  Showtime is 7pm and Taylor will perform songs from both his last album "Ramblin On" and from his next release "The Hourglass".

   He has worked as an actor, director and singer/songwriter for the past several years, with Sylvester Stallone, Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg and many others.  Best known for films such as "Crossfire III", "Don't Believe the Hype", "The Killing of Bobby Green" and "A Mother's Revenge".

   His theatre credits include directing and starring in such hits as "Catch Me if You can", "Evita" and "Lovers: Winners and Losers".  Robb has finally made the move he said he would for the last decade - to The Poconos.  He declares that "After the Big Apple and Philly, it was time for a change of scenery...and The Poconos have some of the greatest scenery on Earth.  It's a great change of pace for me".

   "I came up here for the Blues Festival and that was it" he says.  "The mountain was full of great people who love great entertainment".


   Film and television personality Robert Taylor and his band will get the Rose Tree Festival weekend off to a lively start tonight with a concert of pop rock and music.

   The Robb Taylor Band recently burst onto the scene at local clubs and has become a popular act across the Delaware Valley.  The band's show includes cover tunes in a wide variety of styles from the Doors to Elton John.

   Taylor, himself, has appeared in numerous films including "Rocky", Fisher King" and "Soap Dish".


   Film and television personality Robert Taylor appears with his band at the Speakeasy Cafee in Upper Darby for a gala New Year's Eve party.

   The Robb Taylor Band recently burst onto the local club scene and is becoming a popular act across the tri-state area.  Although the band's members are well traveled, they all reside in and around the Delaware Valley and enjoy playing for hometown fans.

   "It's always more fun looking out there in the crowd and seeing faces that you know or the fans that follow and support the group." says Taylor.  The band's show includes a variety of classic rock, rhythm and blues, and dance songs as well as an occasional treat from it's next alabum "The Hourglass" (formerly  entitled "Heartbreak Hotel").

   Robb Taylor the actor can be seen in "The Killing of Bobby Green", "A Mother's Revenge", "What Little Girls Are Made Of", as FBI agent Fields in the film "Crossfire III" or starring in "Sand Castles" with local favorite Sally Starr.



The Robb Taylor Band - March of Dimes "Ride" Event & Benefit Concert, Augusta, NJ June 24, 2007

Albums "Ramblin On" and "The Hourglass", both produced by A-Side Records, can be purchased on this website and also worldwide through BMG.  Lyrics for both albums are also available on this site by request.

In light of the many years of experience, dedication to training, and the success that each individual member of the Robb Taylor Band has had - it's no wonder the band sounds so great !!!


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